October 26, 2015

A Color Fight Engagement Session | Shanna & Erik

Every couple we work with is unique and has their special formula to their love and affection. My heart always feels so full when we get to work with people like Shanna & Erik. Their love is a genuine kind of love but also has this silly, goofy, playful side that we got to witness while they tossed handfuls of colored powder at each other. It was pretty awesome to watch I must say, it made me want to jump in, scoop up some green and toss it in a cloud of colorful revenge at Doug for making fun of my clumsy stumbles walking through the Salt River desert. But I thought I would stick to the real reason why we were there. A Color Fight Engagement Session in honor of our dear friends committing to each other for their entire life.

See, I’ve known Shanna since our days of the first generation iPod and lunches in the quad at Horizon High School. Since then, we’ve maneuvered our way past the awkward stage(i think?) and found ourselves living the adult life. I’m so proud of her and her accomplishments, and that she found the best man to compliment her silly side. ;) I am looking forward to their wedding day, and feel so honored to be able to stand next to Shanna as a bridesmaid and witness her and Erik commit their lives to one another first hand. Congratulations guys! We love you!

Brooke & Doug

PS. Check that off our Dream Shoots list! ;)



Laughing military couple in the arizona desert

Military couple in desert foliage Laughing Military couple in desert foliage Marine kissing fiance behind his hat in the arizona desert marine kissing his fiance on the forehead in the arizona desert marine wrapping his arms around girl wearing cowgirl boots cowgirl boots and marine boots in the grass and dirthands holding colored powder with vintage engagement ring engaged couple about to start a color fight an engaged couple throwing colored powder in the air post color fight picture of couple with colored powder all over girl with colored powder all over her engaged couple blowing colored powder at each other post color fight engaged couple holding eachother couple holding each other after a color fight with vintage engagement ring couple kissing in front of Arizona mountains



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