April 6, 2017

Fremont Street Vegas Wedding | Whitney & Johnny

Fremont Street Vegas Wedding Photos


Sounds of soft, yet upbeat, music played in the far corner of the hotel room as the cool cloud-covered sunlight filtered through the windows. Contagious laughter, excited expressions and the popping sounds of champagne bottles were filling in the silent gaps that the music could not. The smile on Whitney’s face never faded while she prepared for the day with hair and makeup and slipping into a stunning vintage silk wedding gown that made every woman swoon. All the while surrounding herself with the women she cherished on a day that would quickly become one of her most cherished memories.


With the help of Best Man, Kurt, Johnny began donning his dress shirt, slipping the sleeve carefully over his shiny new Rolex watch. A gift he wasn’t expecting. A gift from the woman we would marry just a few hours later. A gift that would represent the day and every ounce of happiness that came with it. Paired with a vintage set of cuff links from his parents, Johnny and Kurt adjusted, readjusted (and adjusted again) his classic black bowtie, tied the laces of his dress shoes and anxiously prepared to see his bride…

A ring of the doorbell…

It was only a few years ago that their story begins, when Whitney stood in front of a door, waiting patiently as the doorbell rang through the house in front of her. She was asked to bartend one night for an event at the estate by a friend. When the door opened, a handsome man stood at the threshold and welcomed her in. Johnny, who was also working the event,  wore his chef’s whites and gave her a quick run down of the night, where she should be stationed, before returning to the kitchen to continue preparing for the evening. When the night was over and it was time for Whitney to head home, she found herself hoping to run into the handsome man again before leaving for her car. But little did she know that soon at another event she would be greeted by the same handsome man she’d hoped to see. Shortly afterwards they would share drinks together, learning the details of their lives, falling for each other with every word.

The chapel doors…

On January 14th, 2017 Whitney rounded the corner of the Golden Nugget’s chapel doors, her fathers arm clutched in her hands, and Johnny saw the beautiful woman he loves for the first time as his bride. Tear filled promises were exchanged while guests hearts filled with happiness for the couple, and just like that the ceremony came to an end and the night transitioned into a long evening of celebrations. Because let’s be honest… This is still Vegas, friends!


A collection of our favorites from Whitney & Johnny’s Fremont Street Vegas Wedding!

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VENUE | The Golden Nugget Hotel

MAKEUP | Melissa Black – Bombshell Vegas




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