June 25, 2015

#65) Go On An Unplanned Weekend Trip | 101 in 1,001

B Focused Adventures

It was the typical Friday night, after work. Doug and I started talking about what we wanted to do with our fresh start to the weekend. We tend to use Friday nights as our “Date Night” and relieve the stress we’d been holding onto from the week with a good meal at a local restaurant and the latest flick at the theater. But this Friday held SO MANY new possibilities. We had just written our 101 Things In 1,001 Days list during the week, so we were excited to bust out anything we could. We shouted out ideas, but turned them down because we imagined a better weekend, or hoped to get a group of friends together at some point. It was going to be a busy weekend with 2 birthday parties and Father’s Day mixed in there, so we decided to play it safe and make a dent in our #7 Try 3 New Ethnic Cuisines by venturing to the closest Persian restaurant. Little did we realize that Persian food was very similar to our favorite Greek cuisine. We ended up ordering the same type of dish we’d normally order that had the slightest differences in spice and color (seriously, my chicken was yellow). But we DID try a Persian yogurt soda… It tastes just as gross as it sounds (Doug’s reaction caught on video), and that’s about as adventurous as our Friday night got… UNTIL we got in our car to go home.

Doug turned to me and said “Do you want to go to Prescott? …Tonight?” My first reaction was “There’s no way. We have way too much to do this weekend.” But I thought about it for a second and realized that our lives consist of moments that pass by too quickly, and this list we made is about being spontaneous and adventurous, and to force us to actually do the things that we want to do.

We drove home, packed ourselves just enough for a quick one night trip and made plans to leave at noon on Saturday to be home in time for the first event. It was exciting, that familiar drive to Prescott, and also felt a little silly considering we would only be there for roughly 12 hours. But honestly, it would have been worth just the short time away from the triple digit heat.

We didn’t get into town until nearly 10:30pm so we called it a night. We woke up early and decided on one of our favorite breakfast spots in Prescott, The Dinner Bell Cafe. It’s a quaint little cafe, sits right next to a small creek, and serves the typical breakfast food. But somehow the atmosphere is what makes it my favorite place. Maybe it’s the view of the creek through the roll up windows, the charm of the old building and the exposed brick or experiencing the perfect weather and fresh air out on the covered patio, but I love it.

What a goof.

 The Dinner Bell also has easy access to the creek down below, so instead of taking the drive home right away, we figured it would be nice to take a stroll. A small pathway wound through the foliage next to the water, surely paved by the tread of the cyclists and runners that passed us by. It was such a gorgeous day out. We kept walking and talking, holding hands and making plans, and came up to a bridge that crossed the water. The bridge brought us to the other side where a fence lined the edge of a school field. Some sort of event was going on so we went to investigate, and boy did this girls’ heart flutter when we found out it was a classic car show.


  We paid our $2 entry fee (all proceeds went to the Meals on Wheels foundation) and walked the rows packed with the most fascinating cars I have ever seen. They even had two of my dream car… black 1960’s Ford Mustang. DROOL.

After getting a little too much sun we started wandering through the shops downtown, grabbed a couple smoothies and sat in the shade of the tree giants next to the courthouse. It was our last stop before we jumped on the highway and we didn’t want to leave the beautiful weather and the endless amount of things to do.

I’m so glad we said yes to this spontaneous idea. It was random, eventful, peaceful and  surprising. We only had 12 hours or so, but we sure did make it worth while! Already loving what this list is doing to our lives.

1 down… 100 more to go! ;)





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