September 10, 2018

Arizona Proposal GIVEAWAY!

Arizona Proposal Giveaway Brooke & Doug Photography

First off, we need to ask… Are you reading this with your heart pounding like you just finished an hour of Soul Cycle? Perhaps you jumped into your pitch-black coat closet. Or maybe you’re under the covers like a kid who wants to keep reading his Superman comic book. We hope so because, well, that’s just hilarious.

But on a more serious note, if you’re reading this right now that means that you’re either 1.) thinking and/or preparing to propose to the love of your life, or 2.) you know someone who might be! Either way, we are so excited to announce that we are teaming up with Miranda Miesenbach of Mira Wed to offer this incredible Arizona Proposal Giveaway to one lucky guy for the proposal of her dreams! Because you know she’s been thinking about this day for her entire life. And what does any girl want for this once in a lifetime moment? A shiny diamond ring, a stunning set-up and a photographer, of course!

Just imagine the look on her face once she realizes exactly what is happening, the weight of that little box in your pocket finally being pulled free, and feeling the earth beneath your knee when it falls to the ground. And the way her eyes sparkle when she says “Yes!” a thousand times over.

If your heart wasn’t racing before, we bet it is now. ;)


Arizona Proposal Giveaway Brooke & Doug Photography

You bring the ring, we’ll do the rest.

The winner of this giveaway will receive FREE proposal coverage by us! Brooke & Doug Photography. And FREE event planning and design by Miranda of Mira Wed! We are also be teaming up with other local vendors, including Unika Collections, to help create the most stunning, unforgettable moment for you and the love of your life.


brooke and doug photography, mira wed, unika collections


So here’s the deal…

These are the requirements to be qualified to win this free Arizona Proposal Giveaway!

  • The proposal must take place in the state of Arizona
  • Proposal date must be before January 1st, 2019
  • Cannot be redeemed for money or credit
  • Brooke & Doug and Mira Wed must be available on the chosen day of the proposal


How to Enter

All you have to do to enter is fill out the form below before September 24th, 2018! 

The Winner will be emailed by Sept. 28th!

Even if you don’t win…

Everyone who enters this Arizona Proposal Giveaway will be rewarded with a special offer for our Wedding Photography Packages as well as info for Proposal photo coverage of your own! It’s a win-win really.


Enter to win this Arizona Proposal Giveaway!


Be sure to enter before submission cut off on September 24th! Best of luck friends!

Brooke & Doug




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