May 18, 2018

GERMANY | Brooke & Doug Travel to Europe | Part 2

Brooke & Doug Travel to Europe | PART 1 - Germany

It’s here! Our European adventure blog… Part 2 – GERMANY.

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Day three started out rough. We realized very quickly that booking a 7am flight from Ireland to Germany wasn’t the brightest idea. Waking up at 4:30 is one thing, but locking yourself out of the Airbnb with your phone still cozy on the bed inside and having to wake your host to let you back in is another… A face-palm moment for sure. But so humbling to feel the Irish kindness from the taxi driver willing to let us use his phone, and the reassurance from our host that it was no problem.


leaving ireland plane windowon the plane to germany view from plane window over frankfurt germany


We arrived at the Frankfurt Airport around 10am with a full day ahead of us. We were very excited for this part of our trip because not only were we able to explore a little bit of Germany, we were able to visit with family. Brooke’s God Mother, Carrie and her daughter Lily (whom you may recognize) live just outside of Frankfurt near the U.S. military base. They live in the most idyllic tiny German village nestled between the rolling green hills with a castle practically at every corner.

After a thrilling drive on the Autobahn for the first time, we stopped to get something to eat at an amazing little Turkish spot where we had kebab sandwiches and some type of soda that’s still a mystery to us today.


turkish food in frankfurt germany


Once we ate, Carrie decided to take us to our first castle: Burg Lichtenberg. It was cold, windy and little rainy so we toured it quickly, but it was beautiful, and mostly in ruins because it dates back to 1200 AD. I think this was the point where we realized it was hard to fathom anything man-made that was more than 100 years old, because let’s be honest… the state of Arizona just celebrated it’s 100th birthday not that long ago.


visiting a castle in germany castle restaurant


We climbed to the top of this tower right here. Only to turn around and head right back down because the wind was so strong it whipped us around like a deleted scene from Twister. But the view from the top was breathtaking.


the top of a castle in germany


After that, we headed back to their village to pick up this crazy girl from school and head to “Castle numero dos” (did you watch our instagram stories? Lol) for dinner. Yep! Dinner at a castle. We had a very German meal of schnitzel, which is basically a fried pork chop, andĀ pfelschorle which is similar to something like an apple juice soda.


brooke and lily at the castle looking up at the castle in germany


This girl is fearless!


lily on a castle wall

the view overlooking germany


Rainbow #2 of our trip.


rainbow number two on our trip


The next morning Carrie went to the local bakery and brought home some delicious German pastries that we ate for breakfast. They might not look like it, but German pastries aren’t as sweet and filled with sugar as they are in the U.S. but we loved every bite so maybe America should reconsider their recipes.


delicious german pastries for breakfast delicious german pastries for breakfast


We filled our bellies and headed out to Bernkastel-Kues, a wine-growing town along the Moselle river that we now dream of living in one day. The stunning German architecture and endless rows of vineyards were breathtaking.


bernkastel-kues bernkastel-kues vineyard heart shaped vine bernkastel-kues


We arrived and almost immediately made a split second decision and hopped aboard a tour boat that drifted up and down the Moselle River showcasing it’s beautiful town and the vineyards surrounding it. And yes, another castle.


bernkastel-kues boat ferry tour bernkastel-kues boat ferry tour bernkastel-kues view from boat ferry tour bernkastel-kues view from boat ferry tour bernkastel-kues boat ferry tour bernkastel-kues view from boat ferry tour bernkastel-kues boat ferry tour


Once we docked, we strolled to the center of the little wine town where our jaws became unhinged and remained on the floor for a good hour or so. We stopped in shops and peered through windows, but the real beauty was just in the character within it’s alleyways.


bernkastel-kues bernkastel-kues bernkastel-kues bernkastel-kues pizzaria bernkastel-kues stained glass in pizzaria bernkastel-kues cafe bernkastel-kues bernkastel-kues cafe lily in bernkastel-kues bernkastel-kues door bernkastel-kues bernkastel-kues window


Now here’s the part where Doug’s dreams come true. Me, Doug and Lily decided to walk farther through the town to explore a bit more, when a little old woman poked her head out from her windowsill above and threw some candy down to us. I assume they were mainly for Lily but Doug is also a giant child who is addicted to candy so he’ll tell you it was one of the best days of his life. Then she spoke to us in German and pointed towards the closest gate, just behind us. Since we don’t know German, and Lily only knew a little of what she said, we followed her direction and walked through the gate entering her vineyard. Such an unreal experience!


doug and lily in bernkastel-kues doug and lily in bernkastel-kuesbernkastel-kues vineyard


Doug and I continued to explore the grounds, finding a small walkway that led to a patch of vines overlooking the entire town of Bernkastel-Kues. And as if it couldn’t have been a more picturesque moment, once we reached the top the chimes from the church bells sung through the air. Just imagine how full our hearts felt in that moment.


walking through bernkastel-kuesbernkastel-kues heart gatebernkastel-kues vineyard overlooking bernkastel-kues


We spent a few moments here, taking pictures and flying Doug’s drone. (If you look closely below, you can see it in the air.)


overlooking bernkastel-kuesbernkastel-kues cobble stone streets in bernkastel-kues bernkastel-kues


We ended the day in Bernkastel-Kues with a bowl of Spaghettieis (pronounced “spaghetti-ice”) which is actually vanilla ice cream extruded through a potato ricer and topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate shavings, made to look like a bowl of spaghetti. A highlight of the many deserts we ate on our trip.


Spaghettieis spaghetti ice


Afterwards we made the drive back to their village and spent the evening at home enjoying Carrie and Lily’s company before our train ride to Paris the following morning. We were very sad to say goodbye after such a short time, but our time spent in Germany was so special because of them. And being on such a long trip it was nice to be with family in the comfort of their home even if it was for just a little while.

So thank you Carrie and Lily for making our time in Germany unforgetable!! We miss you already!


Next Friday head back to the blog to read about our stay in the beautiful city of Paris, where we left our hearts and will probably need to return to get them. ;) <3


Until then! Happy Friday friends!

Brooke & Doug



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