October 1, 2019

October Date Night Ideas in Phoenix!

October Date Night Ideas in Phoenix Arizona - Brooke and doug photography

At this point in our marriage even though we’re young and with no kids of our own just yet, Doug and I find that we don’t prioritize our marriage as often we should. We let work, stress or day-to-day life take the lead of our time and sometimes it lets our relationship suffer. To keep our marriage a priority Doug and I have made it a point to schedule date nights as often as we can, so we can spend time together. But we realized that with our standard dinner and a movie date nights, we weren’t spending our time wisely.

So why are date nights so important?

It’s easy to lose the romance these days. According to the National Marriage Project “The initial excitement associated with getting to know a person, growing in intimacy, and trying new things as a couple can disappear as the two people settle into a routine.” And it makes sense, doesn’t it? on date nights we get lost on our phones while sitting across from each other at the dinner table and follow it with a movie where our eyes are glued to a screen instead of each other. This typical date night can be great at times. To relax from the daily stresses of life. But we can get stuck in the monotony and lose the point of which we’re even there in the first place… to reconnect with the person we love.

Research shows that “couples who engage in novel activities that are fun and active,—from hiking to dancing to travel to card games—enjoy higher levels of relationship quality”. And we’re all about that! Experiencing exciting new things together with out-of-the-box dates and spending quality one-on-one time communicating and strengthening the friendship we already have… That’s a win-win if I’ve ever heard one.

So I started researching fun and exciting things to do here in Phoenix for Doug and I to experience together, and to my surprise there was a lot more than I expected that we could have been doing with our dates, than the boring old dinner-and-a-movie. And I got to thinking… why wasn’t everyone going to silent discos or candy museums for their date nights?

And that’s where you come in. We want to change how we see the casual date night. So we’ve committed to giving you monthly Date Night ideas for right here in the beautiful city of Phoenix so that you can take advantage of these amazing experiences with your bae while strengthening your marriage at the same time.

So grab your girlfriend, fiancee or spouse and have some fun with this months issue of Date Night Ideas in Phoenix!


October Date Night Ideas in Phoenix


1. Candytopia

This exhibit has Doug’s name written all over it. Candytopia is a “sprawling sanctuary of confectionary bliss”, with a dozen candy themed environments including candy sculptures and an enormous marshmallow pit. And with Doug having a sweet tooth the size of Texas, this is a must on our October Date Night list!

WHEN: October 11th – December 29th

COST: $28/each

TIME: 2+ hours

October Date Night Ideas in Phoenix Arizona - Schnepf Farms Pumpkin and Chili Festival


2. Play Date @ The Phoenix Children’s Museum

If you and your bae just want to be kids again for a night… this is the best place for it. And it’s Brooke & Doug Approved! The Phoenix Children’s Museum hosts a grownups-only night every quarter so any adult can embrace their inner child. Everything is fair game at these events, like their three-story jungle gym structure, the pool-noodle forrest, art classrooms that have a fun craft to participate in. All of which is made even more fun with a live DJ, food trucks and alcohol served throughout the whole museum. Each Play Date has its own theme, so for this event they’re playing off the Halloween holiday with Costumes & Cocktails, so break out your best couples costumes!! Doug and I can’t say enough how amazing this event is. We made it a double date with some of our friends and had the time of our lives! But hurry quick! These tickets sell out fast.

WHEN: Saturday, October 19th from 7pm-11pm

COST: $15/each

TIME: 3+ hours


3. Arizona State Fair

One of the best October date night ideas in Phoenix… the Arizona State Fair. It’s iconically romantic (have you seen the Notebook?), and will bring you back to your early days of dating. Win her a stuffed pig, split a stick of cotton candy, share a kiss at the top of the ferris wheel and hold each other tight on a roller coaster ride. What could bring you together more?

WHEN: October 4th-27th

COST: $12/each

TIME: 3+ hours


October Date Night Ideas in Phoenix Arizona - Schnepf Farms Pumpkin and Chili Festival

4. Schnepf Farms Pumpkin & Chili Festival

Take your punkin pie out on a festive date to Schnepf Farm’s Pumpkin and Chili Festival! It may be a drive, but it’s worth the miles alone for their iconic pick-your-own pumpkin patch. It’s our favorite place to go in October to check everything off of our Fall bucket list. They have hayrides, two giant corn mazes, hot chocolate, bonfires and marshmallow roasting, petting zoo, a haunted train ride, pig races, dog show, live music, freshly made hot-off-the-grill food and fireworks. Just to name a few… This is also a must on our October date night list!

WHEN: October 3rd – 27th (Thursday -Sunday)

COST: $22/each (or $17 at Fry’s, or buy one get one free on Thursdays)

TIME: 3+ hours


5. Silent Disco at the Churchill

Don’t know what a silent disco is? It’s an event where everyone is given wireless headphones to dance to, broadcasted by a DJ. For those without headphones, hearing no music… well I’m sure it’s a sight to see! But when the music is in your ears,you can dance to the beat with the rest of the dance floor! Doug and I are so intrigued by silent discos, and we both agree that this one of the most unique date night ideas.

WHEN: October 31st 7pm-12am

COST: Not announced

TIME: 2+ hours


6. Spooktacular Mini Golf @ Golfland Sunsplash

It seems like mini golf is a go-to date idea for most people. A fun activity that allows you to talk and have fun, but also not take too seriously. Doug and I love finding new spots like this 3D mini golf in Gilbert, so we’re excited to try out this Halloween themed course at Golfland Sunsplash! And at just $10 per person it’s pretty Wedding Budget friendly.

WHEN: October 1st – 31st

COST: $10/each

TIME: 1+ hours

October Date Night Ideas in Phoenix Arizona - Brooke and doug photography


7. Phoenix Haunted Houses

Who doesn’t love any chance to snuggle up nice and close to your honey boo? Only this time, you might be clinging to each other for dear life. Sounds fun right? Here are a few popular haunted houses in the valley for a fun and adrenaline pumping date night out, that might result in you loosing your voice…



Fear Farm is probably one of the most popular Haunted Houses in Phoenix which has SIX attractions with various themes: Fallout (post-apocalyptic), The Bunker (alien investigation), Slaughterhouse, Pumpkin Witch, The Plague and the infamous Haunted Cornmaze, which is where you will not find Doug and I, thank you very much. But if that’s your thing, by all means! ;)

WHEN: Select Days in October

COST: $25-$33/each


The 13th Floor offers two creepy attractions: Rise of the Dead (a zombie haunted house), and Creature Feature (where classic movie monsters come alive in an abandoned theater).

WHEN: Select Days in October

COST: $25-$33/each



This haunted house includes 5 attractions: an interactive zombie paintball shoot, a virtual haunted house experience, and three separate walk through haunted houses.

WHEN: Select Days in October

COST: $22-$38/each



The Haunted Graveyard is not so much of a Haunted House as it is one man’s home display and love for Halloween. You won’t find actors dressed to scare or jump at you, but you will find an impressively haunting walk-thru graveyard. Chris Birkett, the owner of the Haunted Graveyard started this home exhibit 34 years ago and is constantly adding more to his display every year. You can also find his house lit up to the nines during the Christmas holiday!

WHEN: October 27th-31st

COST: Donations appreciated



And those are our October date night ideas in Phoenix! We hope these inspire you to get out, do something out of the norm and enjoy some much needed time together! And if you feel so inclined, use these hashtags:

#myphotographersmademedoit #BDPdatenight

We would love to see which dates you choose to enjoy this month! Maybe we’ll see you there. ;)


See you next month for our November date night ideas! But until then, happy October everyone!

Brooke & Doug


Have any date night suggestions for November?

Comment them below and they might be featured in next months blog!




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