February 25, 2016

Snowy Forest Family Portraits | Barton Family

The Barton Family. They’ve turned into some pretty special friends for us. They paved the way to our wedding photography addict hearts by being our very first B Focused Couple ever! And now? We’re going on adventures with them to capture some snowy forest family portraits with their growing family.

We should have brought snowshoes.

We spent the day in Flagstaff, AZ sledding down icy slopes and trudging through knee deep powder to find the perfect light and to make snow angels of course. Doug even thought it was a good idea to sled backwards down the hill in front of them to get the best shot. I don’t think you need much imagination to figure out how that ended. And when we made it up to Snowbowl, we realized it was nearly impossible to walk out into the trees, for fear of sinking into the white abyss and never to be seen again. So we perched ourselves atop a fallen tree that made the perfect bridge over the unknown, and put our balancing skills to work! Brooke, shockingly, had the hardest time staying upright. We almost lost her.

Check that off the list!

We had such a great day with the Barton clan. And not only that, they even helped us complete another Dream Shoot off of our list! (If you don’t know what that is, >click here!<) We were ecstatic to travel to the snowy town where Doug and I met nearly seven years ago. It┬ádefinitely brought back all the feels. ;)


Rachel, Jim, Magnus and little baby Barton,

Thank you for such a great day in the snow, for believing in us when we surely needed it, and for continuing to believe in us ever since. You’re the greatest.

Brooke & Doug


Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_1 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_2 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_3 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_4 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_5 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_6 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_7 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_8 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_9 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_10 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_12 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_13 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_14 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_15 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_16 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_17 Family-Portraits-Flagstaff-Arizona-snowbowl_18



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