July 26, 2015

Spontaneity & The Tent | 101 in 1001

B Focused Photography & Design | 101 Things in 1001 Days

I’ll tell you one thing. This 101 list has enhanced our need for adventure. Since we created it, we’ve been planning and dreaming about those future memories. But for the most part, a lot of them require time and work to make them happen. And instead of doing, we just continue planning and dreaming, waiting for this to tell us that so we can start deciding on whether or not we can make things happen at some point. I just described life, right? Well, this past weekend Doug and I decided that we’d just do it. We’d dust off our lonely camping gear, scoop up some grocery items, and head for the mountains. Because there’s something about being spontaneous that sets that roar inside you free. Am I right?

We’ve had a few trips that were spur of the moment like this one, and I kid you not, every single one of them has made an impression on our lives. This time around, we drove up to Payson stopping at a few camp grounds that were full before finding Sharp Creek Campground. We set up camp, and the next morning went for a hike in Christopher Creek. It was jaw-dropping-ly beautiful, lush and green. (Believe me, I love the desert, but most of the time I just need a little more color in my life.) We passed by some campers, trampled over brush, and crossed over some creeks to follow this white diamond trail. We hiked back and up the side of the mountain until we felt like we were the only people for miles. We just wanted to go and keep going. After sharing some trail mix and a view of the creek from a fallen tree, we both decided that this was exactly what we needed. Some spontaneity and adventure. A quick recharge for this electronic life that sometimes gets the best of us.


B Focused Photography & Design | 101 Things in 1001 Days


Oh, the tent? I’m so glad you asked. ;) Raise your hand if you like spending an hour setting up a tent when all you want to do is relax by the fire? Thought so. I’ve wanted the Coleman Instant Tent for a few years now because the beauty of it is, it really is instant. THIRTY SECONDS. That’s all it took to set it up. We bought it on an amazing deal at Costco more than a year ago, and from there it sat in our closet waiting to stretch its legs. I couldn’t have been more anxious to set it up and watch the magic happen.

(FYI: If you go camping in bear country and wake up to some rustling outside your tent… don’t freak out. It won’t always be a bear. It might just be a herd of cattle grazing on the weeds growing around your campsite.)




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