July 5, 2014

Tara’s Birthday Gift | B Focused Photography & Design

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We met by chance. Or actually, we met by craigslist, and it was the best listing I’ve ever responded to. You see, I needed a roommate for my last semester of college, and since I was moving back to Flagstaff from a semester-long internship in Phoenix, all of my friends had already spent the first half of the year in their cozy apartments with their roommates. And when we had the opportunity to meet in person, and see first hand that neither one of us was a crazy person, I think we both could see the potential in our friendship that was about to blossom.

I enjoyed every minute of my short-lived stay with Tara and her beloved pups. We became fast friends and talked weddings almost every evening even though we both knew that our times were in the distant future. “Say Yes to the Dress” happened to be our favorite show. And last week Doug and I learned that Tara’s boyfriend, Jerry, had popped the question on her birthday. I could not be happier for her! We were able to sit down and talk with her, to celebrate her birthday and have a drink at Sip Coffee & Beer House.

Doug and I feel so blessed to be able to document their wedding day next year! I cannot wait to be able to help her design invitations and talk more “weddings” now that the time has come in both of our lives.

Happy birthday Tara! And congratulations to you both! We love you guys.

Brooke & Doug




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