January 27, 2016

8 Tips on What to Wear for Engagement Photos

What to wear for Engagement Pictures, 8 tips

What to wear for Engagement Pictures, 8 tipsEngagement photos. They are the prologue to the biggest chapter in your life, the foundation of your excitement for this new journey, and the passionate shout from your mountain top that this person is the one. The only one.

We know you want these photos to depict just that, we felt all the same things before our own engagement session. It’s exciting and thrilling but at the same time, it can be stressful. And we don’t want that for you. One problem that I ran into while getting ready for our photos was figuring out our wardrobe. Now, if you don’t know me that well, one of my guilty pleasures is that I like to shop (can I get an amen ladies?). But I’m also the kind of girl who’s closet is full and overflowing, and yet I can never find anything to wear. And with the endless outfit possibilities to shop for, in stores or in my closet, it was difficult for me to put together something so “effortlessly coordinated” for Doug and I, yet screamed us.

So I started to think about the process from my photographer mentality and what would make a great photo, just based off of the couples wardrobe. From the coordination to the accessories, the glamour and drama, but also comfort and confidence, and something that expresses the unique personalities of the couple and their story.

SO! We decided to share with you our photographer’s perspective on what to wear for engagement photos, a simple 8 step guide! We hope it helps you and makes things a little less stressful during this planning stage. Just remember to have FUN at your engagement session and soak in this part of the journey. Even though it can be a bit much at times, you’ll still look back and cherish these moments. So make them a great memory!

If you have any other tips for our brides, feel free to comment below with your suggestions! :)

Brooke & Doug


 college campus engagement pictures

What to wear for your engagement photos

1. Don’t Match, Coordinate!

Remember the black and denim? We do. And it throws us right back to the days of Saved by the Bell. Which is why we want to avoid the matchy-matchy and go for a more effortlessly coordinated style that says “we’re just cute like this all the time.” and specifically in the modern day. ;) In order to avoid this, try coming up with a color scheme and picking out your own outfits separately. Then pull them together and lay them out.

Guys, remember to bring on the GQ. Keep in mind, this may be your only chance to pretend you’re on the cover for Sexiest Man Alive. If your outfits need more coordination, see if you have any accessories that could tie into your fiance’s outfit, such as a brown leather belt to go with your girl’s leather boots, or perhaps you have a scarf that will match the color of his dress pants. If you haven’t noticed, we’re playing up on the accessories. We love their versatility and ability to tie anything together, which brings us to our next tip for engagement photos…

vintage styled couple holding hands and walking in airplane hangar alley

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2. Accessories are Necessities!

Accessories can play an important role in creating coordination with your outfits, but they also offer more detail to your photos and can easily be changed up to do different styles! An outfit usually doesn’t look complete without a little something extra, so try adding a few of these suggestions into your wardrobe for added detail: statement jewelry, hair accessories, belts, scarves, hats, watches, boots and leg warmers, jackets, beanies, etc. And remember to think about the ones that mean something special to you, like maybe that necklace he got you for Christmas last year? Yeah. Bring that. And then let us know so we can snap it.

vintage rose gold diamond engagement ring

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3. Add the Drama

Photographers love anything that can create “movement” in their photos. It adds drama and emotion and the occasional jaw dropping reaction(and who doesn’t want that?). To achieve this, consider dresses that are loose and flowy as one of your outfits, and let your hair free from any pins or bands. The wind will do the rest of the work. A proper “jaw dropping” location will also play a part in the drama so choose something epic-worthy!

airport engagement pictures on tarmac

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4. Avoid Branded Clothing

Unless you want your engagement pictures to depict a clothing advertisement, avoid the prominent logos and heavily branded clothes. Your eye naturally wants to look at these first which will take away from the true nature of what these photos are about — you!

What to wear for your engagement pictures! From a photographers perspective.

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5. Gussy Up!

This is the perfect opportunity to utilize your wedding hair and makeup trial and put it to good use! Photographers love it when you’re professionally styled for the shoot. It boosts your confidence in front of the camera and has you shining bright like a diamond. Not to mention, professionally done hair & makeup tends to photograph really well. It’s also a great way to see how you will look in the photographs on your wedding day, so win-win! If you decide to forgo your trial for your session, try and gussy up just a bit more than usual to add that drama for your photos.



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6. Comfort is Key.

In order to look effortless, cool and confident, find an outfit that makes you comfortable. One that screams your style, and makes you feel beautiful. Trust us when we say, this will boost your confidence in front of the camera drastically. So, rock the shot with that awesome outfit you know you can pull off!

marine wrapping his arms around girl wearing cowgirl boots

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7. Style Your Session!

Want epic photos? Style it! Make your session unique by creating a theme. Choose some vintage attire to go with the antique location you’ve decided on, reenact your favorite movie characters, or take it to the ballpark with your baseball caps and jerseys! Check out our Dream Shoots bucket list for our list of styled sessions we would LOVE to photograph so you can get some ideas!

vintage styled couple sitting in front of a vintage airplane

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8. It’s All About the Bling.

You bet your bottom dollar there will be shots of that stunner on your ring finger! So be sure to get it into the jewelers for a good cleaning (or shine it up at home) and treat yourself to a little manicure! It’ll be worth it. A good excuse for you to get into the nail salon. Just lookin’ out for you ladies. ;)


college campus engagement pictures

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