November 12, 2016

What Are The Benefits of Hiring Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers?

What are the Benefits of Hiring Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers? This is hilarious!

So you’re wondering what the benefits of hiring husband and wife wedding photographers are. What’s all the rage? Why does it matter? As a husband and wife ourselves, we’ll tell you exactly why we believe it’s the best decision you’ll make for your wedding day.

For starters, they get it. Every little thing.

At one point, probably not too long ago they were in your very position. The thought of what photographer to hire was just one of the many decisions they needed to make to ensure that their special day is nothing short of amazing. They understand how long it probably took you to consider the color of those napkins, or the amount of work that went into painting those corn hole boards. Having a husband and wife shoot a wedding is like having Colonel Sanders make you fried chicken. If that reference didn’t make sense, at the very least maybe it made you hungry. (If need be, stop reading and fetch a snack before continuing to read.)

Benefits of Hiring Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers

Okay, now that you’ve satisfied your hunger let’s get back to reason #1. What’s better than having two people that understand and value of marriage capture one of life’s greatest moments? Some might argue that a free all-expenses-paid trip to the bahamas accompanied by 5 of your closest friends just might be better, but aside from that, probably nothing! Am I right?

A husband and wife team remembers their wedding day every time. The good, the bad and every little moment in between that made all the difference to them. They know what it takes to help your day run smoothly and with their knowledge of photography they understand how to capture all those moments beautifully and timelessly.

Benefits of Hiring Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers

Two is better than one… unless it’s a parking ticket.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring husband and wife wedding photographers is the fact that you’re going to have your wedding day captured by two different points of view, from two people who know exactly how to work together. On a wedding day there is so much to capture because there are SO many things that are happening. Being able to get it all is a tall order but this two-for-one deal is always a better option.

bride in rustic wooden barn looking out the window

On your wedding day, you’ll hear your officiant talk about two becoming one (trust us when we say this). And in this case, you couldn’t have hit a better jackpot. A Husband and wife know exactly how to work together because they’ve been practicing their technique since their own “I Do”‘s.

They’ve created a system and can even convey everything they need with just a simple look. At home, that could mean anything from “you forgot to unload the dishwasher” to “I love you and your goofball tendencies!“. On your wedding day however, it could mean “can you grab that shot of the mother of the Groom?” or even “you make that Canon look gooood.” ;) But honestly, teamwork makes the dream work right?

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A perfect fit for the Bride & Groom

Typically the wife will hang out with the ladies as they prep and primp, capturing the little moments that lead up to the grand ones. They’re the moments that resemble some of her very own. Laughing at inside jokes with your girls, sipping on mimosas and coffee, sharing in excitement and beauty supplies, while you probably debate on whether the guys are even dressed yet.

Benefits of Hiring Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers

The husband, however, will meet with the groom, tell him how beautiful he looks, somehow achieve GQ cover-worthy Groom’s portraits, wipe the small amount of lint off his shoulder and wish him the best of luck as he awaits his departure down the exciting road called marriage.

Okay now, let’s be honest. The husband will probably enter the room to find a bunch of half dressed men watching Youtube videos trying to unlock the mystery of the bow tie. Things are less organized, and smell slightly different than the ladies room, but that’s okay! Because as a husband himself, his day probably wasn’t much different. He understands that this is just the groom’s ritual. An extension of the Bachelor party if we might say so. The best part? The husband can help with the bow tie debacle, keep things organized and the guys on track all while keeping things in check using his telepathy powers with his wife next door. It’s the best of both worlds, really!

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There are many benefits of hiring a husband and wife team, and these are just to name a few, but none of those advantages matter unless you have a real connection with the couple you plan to hire. So keep these things in mind. But remember, no matter what, make sure you love their work just as much as you love them, and it will make all the difference in the world for the most important day in your life.

Cheers to the greatest adventure!

Brooke & Doug



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