June 16, 2015

101 Things In 1001 Days

Phoenix Husband and Wife Photography Team

Starting today, June 16th, 2015… we (Doug & Brooke) solemnly swear to try our absolute best at completing these 101 predefined tasks within 1,001 days, all-the-while photographing, documenting and blogging our adventures along the way. Why? Because life is one big adventure, and we are determined to savor each and every blissful moment we have together and create memories that will awaken our souls.

Doug and I decided to start the Day Zero Project in order to keep our lives in motion, and to continue living life to it’s fullest potential. To travel, explore, laugh and love while in the early years of our new-found marriage. They say a set of goals with a deadline helps you achieve more than just an endless bucket list, so we’re here to find out! And give you a glimpse into our never ending love story. So get ready for the adventures, and be sure to follow along on our Instagram (@bfocused), Facebook, & Twitter (@B_focused) to see which one we’ll be crossing off next!



Complete the predetermined tasks within 1,001 days.



  1. Each task has to be done together.
  2. A blog post must be written for each completed.
  3. For every task we complete, we will transfer $10 into our savings account.
  4. Have fun, and enjoy life’s simple joys throughout the process!


START DATE: June 16th, 2015

END DATE: March 13th, 2018

[ 14 COMPLETE  |  87 TO GO ]

  1. Put $10 into our savings account for every task completed ($)
  2. Visit New York during Christmas time
  3. Go to a hot air balloon festival
  4. Ride in a hot air balloon
  5. Go on a Cruise
  6. Cook 10 new Recipes in a month (0/10)
  7. Try 3 new ethnic cuisines (39/3) Persian,
  8. Host a game night with friends
  9. Volunteer 3 times (0/3)
  10. Try 50 different beers (0/50)
  11. Tour a brewery
  12. Tour a vineyard
  13. Road trip to Fossil Creek with friends
  14. Go rock climbing
  15. Take a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway
  16. Visit San Francisco
  17. Visit Seattle
  18. Go to an NFL game ($)
  19. Go to an NHL game
  20. Go to an MLB game
  21. Tailgate before a game
  22. Go on 5 epic camping trips (1/5) Payson
  23. Take a paint and wine class
  24. Read 10 books each (B – 3/10) (D – 1/10)
  25. See a concert
  26. Go for a bike ride
  27. Go on an iconic picnic lunch date (wicker basket, checker blanket and all!)
  28. Send an anonymous note of encouragement to someone in need
  29. Spend one day without any electronics what-so-ever
  30. Go horseback riding
  31. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins
  32. Get a good scare at a haunted house
  33. Have a real Christmas tree in our home ($)
  34. Buy a gift for a Christmas Tree Angel
  35. See a Christmas show
  36. Build a snowman
  37. Go sledding
  38. Go skiing/snowboarding
  39. Stay in a cabin up north
  40. Reach our ideal weights
  41. Send a letter to a soldier overseas
  42. Send a care package to a soldier overseas
  43. Design and send snail mail birthday cards to family and friends for a year
  44. Host a dinner party for friends
  45. Start a budget list and stick to it for at least three months in a row
  46. No eating out for 2 weeks straight
  47. Fix up our guest room and have someone stay
  48. Complete a ropes course together
  49. Make 3 new friends
  50. Take a cooking class together
  51. Attend a photographer convention
  52. Have B Focused running full time
  53. Redo the B Focused website
  54. Start an Etsy shop for B Focused Designs
  55. Achieve 2,000 followers for B Focused on Facebook
  56. Get one of our weddings published
  57. Complete at least 5 goals off our photographic bucket list (3/5)
  58. Visit our friends in Florida
  59. ^^ And go to Disney World
  60. Finish watching every season of Friends on Netflix
  61. Make authentic Italian pasta sauce from scratch
  62. Take country dancing lessons
  63. Pick fresh fruit from a local farm
  64. Take a yoga class together
  65. Go on a random weekend trip that’s unplanned << blog post
  66. Take the train to the Grand Canyon
  67. Visit 5 museums or galleries (2/5) Phoenix Art Museum
  68. Go ice skating
  69. Swim in the ocean
  70. Refurbish a piece of furniture
  71. Go kayaking
  72. See the Chihuly Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens
  73. Take a stay-cation in Phoenix
  74. Leave a 100% tip and a note of encouragement for a great server
  75. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
  76. Have dinner with another husband & wife photography team :)
  77. Visit a National Park
  78. Complete family “Year Books” each year (0/2)
  79. Adopt a dog
  80. Go to a local farmers market
  81. Have a movie marathon one day
  82. Splash it up at a water park
  83. Make new photographer friends
  84. Go on 10 hikes (1/10) Christopher Creek
  85. Fly a kite together
  86. Date night! Pick out everything for the other person (clothes, food, etc.)
  87. Go on 10 double dates (0/10)
  88. Spend a day at the Zoo
  89. Go to a comedy show
  90. Have fun at the Arizona State Fair
  91. Share a kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  92. See a play or show
  93. Go to a music festival
  94. Play in the rain
  95. Get a pet fish
  96. Go to an arcade and win each other a prize
  97. Visit Bearizona!
  98. Take a Tour De Tavern ride
  99. See an aquarium
  100. Take a glass blowing class


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