December 24, 2017

Brooke & Doug’s Annual Christmas Card | 2017

It’s our favorite time of the year. Christmas card season. ;) We love receiving so many beautiful cards from our couples and friends and family. And we love to send them one back.

We spend the entire year (literally) leading up to Christmas, thinking of a new creative idea for our holiday card. And we’re realizing that we may have shot ourselves in the foot when we decided to make this an annual tradition (whoops!) but it’s been fun trying to come up with new ideas!

Funny Christmas Card Idea


This year we wanted to really showcase the not-so-pretty side of Christmas, and how chaotic it might be, but it’s all in good fun. :)


Funny Christmas Card IdeaFunny Christmas Card Idea


We hope you enjoy! And remember to have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen at all times. Just in case. ;)

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Missy says:

    Brilliant! Funny! Original! ❤️

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