December 16, 2017

We’re Changing Our Name! | Brooke & Doug Photography

Brooke & Doug Photography

Guys… this is a big deal for us. Something that we knew needed to happen but was kept on the back burner for so long that we couldn’t ignore it any longer.

We’re changing our name…

For those of you who know and (hopefully) love us, you probably refer to us as Brooke & Doug, your loving and hilarious wedding photographers that know how to have a good time on the dance floor.


We’re not really that full of ourselves. But we are hopeful that you see us that way. ;)

The point is, you probably call us by our name and not our business, because let’s face it… we’re people! People who love spending time with our Brides and Grooms, going deeper into the conversations and making genuine friendships with some incredible couples. A trait we love and never want to fade in our business.

So, the phrase Brooke & Doug echoed in our heads for months, and if we’re being honest years, and that’s when we started to delve into what we wanted our business to portray from the very first impression.

From our website, to double dates with our couples, with their family members at the weddings we photograph… We want everyone to know that we are people, and most importantly, a husband and a wife, working together as a team to make sure your wedding day is every bit as unforgettable as you imagined it to be. Because that’s all we wanted too.

All while having fun with some friends who happen to like holding a camera in front of their face for hours at a time. No jokes here.

Brooke & Doug Photography

In reality, making the switch to Brooke & Doug Photography was probably the easiest big decision we’ve ever made. Letting go of B Focused is a little sad, because it has been my baby since the early days of my photography when I was in high school, way before Doug was in the picture.

That was a great chapter of my photographic career, but this is a new one. One that Doug and I particularly get to enjoy together as a team, photographing the love of our newfound friends and preserving the legend for their future children and grandchildren.

So here we are! Brooke and Doug. A husband and a wife. Two goofy kids with a story of our own, but with a passion to capture others’.

So cheers to the future, friends! And all the risks that can make it even greater!

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